You gotta Find Something that Speaks to you

Those are the wise words I heard from Richard Campbell of That was in August at an annual meetup named That Conference in Wisconsin Dells and was in regards to helping out on the Humanitarian Toolbox project.

What spoke to me the most is just being surrounded by great minds doing wonderful, and learning more of the GitHub Web UI. I did some flailing around with Auth0 for a few hours. It was very humbling. I was gracious and honored to learn more GitHub commands from a well known name in the industry, Bill Wagner.

Anyways, it’s a really cool project – there are 2 of them, one is CrisisCheckin, for the Red Cross and Disaster relief resources, and the other is allReady, which is “an open-source solution focused on increasing awareness, efficiency and impact of preparedness campaigns as they are delivered by humanitarian and disaster response organizations in local communities.”

The question begs to be asked for one’s own career too!

What speaks to me and what flows best is having planned days, but not having the plan be followed rigidly and allow for changes. I do like being a code monkey and sql dev anywhere from 20-60% ( may change as time goes on ).  But also helping other developers a part of the day (either via phone, IM, screen share, or sometimes in person); as well as straightening the kinks that happen during different projects by creating win-wins (also working on building this skill in life); attending conferences and meetups to gain passion, learn, and tech; creating wiki tech tips articles; giving tech presentations to small-medium groups; and lastly, slowly learning from others that know more than me in some subjects such as web development, mobile, and security. Those are my areas I’m building up at this point in time.

Now ask yourself, what speaks to YOU the most?


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