Tool for working at night or early morning

The few times I do work extended hours or end up being woken up in the midden of the night to journal some thoughts, I’m always thankful to have F.lux running on my current machine of choice.

It has been invaluable in not jolting me wide awake or if I’m near going to bed, it actually helps to slowly put a person to sleep and produce melatonin by changing the color level of your monitor to match the sunrise and sunset. They have more research type data available about why it may be practical for folks with sleeping disorders if you need that too.

Be sure to go into the settings and tap “Expand Color Range” and reboot to open up the grayed out warmth levels. It will get the levels even lower so you can have it candle style 🙂  Oh and in the base settings menu, there are also overrides if you happen to need it as well for Photoshop type work for an hour or so.
Flux Expanded Settings

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