Is your work ethic killing you?

This past Friday I was getting really drained in the morning and I ended up making the tough call to go home to rest. It wasn’t something caffeine would have helped – that would only mask the issue at hand.

Why was it so difficult? Well, because I want to be a top performer and help people pretty often at work. Not that I don’t go through some days where I want some solitude, but if I can squeeze in helping someone for a minute without losing focus, I will.

Anyways, back to the topic. Of you feel inclined just go stay at work because you “have to”, don’t pressure yourself so much and allow yourself to take a break.

Taking time off of duties to do rest and then once recovered the next day/evening, do something different and fun is important, especially when your mind is churning, yet you could use some well deserved rest. Don’t feel you earned it but are trying your best? Take the time off anyway. Your body will thank you for it later.


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