Brutal workouts

The past weeks when doing one of my favorite workouts, the Biggest loser Cardio Max, a thought came to mind that the motivation in the program may work in the opposite for some folks. Edit: the workout itself is really not that tough if you’re fit and need more of a challenge like p90x, but I’m mainly commenting on the words used by the instructors.

What I mean is, he says, ” it’s all about Cardio, cardio, cardio” , and ” burning as much fat as possible” . We’ll maybe that’s too fast or even discouraging for some people. Even right now for myself, I’m not exercising as intense as I normally would. Sometimes it’s good to take it slower and recharge and focus on one area that really needs a long stretch and release.

The best thing I get from a workout isn’t quick large fat loss, but health and a great enjoyable good hurt stretch and light movement (not that I done have my seasons where I crank it 🙂 ).

That’s all for now. Enjoy!


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