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Embrace AND! in your way of living.

A good acronym might be..  Abundant  natural  decisions

Activity N___ 🙂  determination.
But I was mainly saying, try to do a little bit of both things you enjoy.

Potential future Android feature – “Predictive copy paste”

This was mentioned on xda-dev. If it rolls out to all Android users, that will be an even nicer experience for the future.


For now, I’m definitely enjoying Nougat’s new features on an HTC10, my current smartphone.

Some of my favs from 7.0 Nougat:

  • Even better battery life
  • Collapsed notifications
  • Dual window display at times for any Nougat supported phone model out there.



Adding variety with the same stuff (music)

This last weekend I had less than ideal data speeds on my phone so streaming tubes through Pandora wasn’t an option. I only had a few songs on my phone and wanted something different. Ended up finding the pitch and speed controls on the Android music player and it fit the bill.

Find it at:
Music library (First screen of the app) > ellipsis button > Settings > Audio Effects > Pitch and Speed.

So changing the speed or tone of music or choosing or an activity in life will give some variety without requiring something completely new.

Hope that helps folks out.