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Watch “Flexibility in Goals and celebrate SUCCESS thus far, and adjust accordingly” on YouTube


Remote Desktop full screen toggle

When working with a remote desktop connection I’ve always loved the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Pause.  I hope others benefit from it as well. At time of writing (with Windows 7 machines), sometimes with multiple monitors the maximize button doesn’t full screen.


Body damage from odd positions.

Never knew leaning your elbow on a desk could be bad for your body and cause the need for surgery! Happened to a friend of mine.

As we all know, a straight spine is good, as well as not always crossing your feet, but I certainly didn’t know about this issue being so bad for your body.

Hope this prevents work injuries for other folks!

Working at night without shocking your system

By “system”, I mean your own body and mind! Best to play it safe and not be up all night from a bright screen and be burnt out the next day.

Items I personally use are a screen dimming application, as I’ve described in a prior blog post (see here: Flux ), coupled with some Windows OS tweaks below.

On top of Flux, I’m currently using “High Contrast” in Windows 10, and the corresponding theme in Chrome too. Very nice to not burden the body as you get ready for resting and wind down, but still able to learn new things in life.

This eve my learning is on the tech side and consists of reading up on advanced features in Entity Framework 6  for compatibility with an older .net 4.0 framework/Visual Studio 2010. 🙂

Adding variety with the same stuff (music)

This last weekend I had less than ideal data speeds on my phone so streaming tubes through Pandora wasn’t an option. I only had a few songs on my phone and wanted something different. Ended up finding the pitch and speed controls on the Android music player and it fit the bill.

Find it at:
Music library (First screen of the app) > ellipsis button > Settings > Audio Effects > Pitch and Speed.

So changing the speed or tone of music or choosing or an activity in life will give some variety without requiring something completely new.

Hope that helps folks out.

Nice to have options

What does this mean exactly?

Well, not being so rigid and sometimes blending the best of both worlds. And also limiting options to 2-3 choices as well, so you don’t get information overload.

For music, I like ear buds and closed DJ style headphones, depending on surrounding noise.

For diet, I blend high plant based at times with Paleo, and also occasional organic cheese as well.

For a framework or layer choice, you may blend EF and stored procedure calls as well.

What options do you appreciate that are available to you?

Web browser tab name customization

If you use Firefox, there’s a cool add-in that lets you customize the name of your tabs. This can be very helpful if you’re keeping an eye on multiple web systems or statistics pages that have less than ideal page title values or just want too save tab title bar space 🙂

Check out the “Tab Mix Plus” extension.