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Embrace AND! in your way of living.

A good acronym might be..  Abundant  natural  decisions

Activity N___ 🙂  determination.
But I was mainly saying, try to do a little bit of both things you enjoy.

Health expo in Madison area

I had attended this community event this last Sunday, and I have to give it raving reviews. The amount of options available with the different booths, coupled with different workouts staggered throughout the day was amazing for a health focused individual.

Here’s the site:

If you’re at all interested in your well being, please go next year or find an event like it within your comfortable driving radius; my wife and I will be going – hope to see you there. It would be cool if you mention which blog posts are helpful to you and which ones suck 🙂

Attended Chippewa Valley Code Camp 8

I really liked the Chippewa valley code camp all day Saturday 11/7 in Eau Claire, WI. It was a mini version of “That Conference” (August, in Wis Dells).

Much enjoyed and inspired.

Sessions I went to:
Design deliverables and tips for rapid development
Creativity in the workplace
Angularjs and ES2015 (JavaScript 6)
Full stack dev
Contributing to Open Source

Here’s the link if you need it for next year attendence or want more info: