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A real.. Warm-up

Today I met someone in the sauna.  He said he’s been doing his workouts that way for 45 years, wow!

interesting take, and I definitely agree too. It’s great to have the muscle and tendons warm so they remain tear-free.

Now to jack the heat in vehicle before all race events 🙂

Pain suppressors and why I generally choose not to use them

It’s a signal that’s there for a reason, to stop the undesirable action, seem corrective action thigh natural means, and / or to give the body time to heal.

We wouldn’t put tape over a car’s indicator, would we?

This might be a different belief system than most of society, yet one’s wellness and experience of life can really take off once we do the emotional work to heal and expand what’s possible for each of us, more than it was before when following the herd.

Embrace AND! in your way of living.

A good acronym might be..  Abundant  natural  decisions

Activity N___ 🙂  determination.
But I was mainly saying, try to do a little bit of both things you enjoy.

When faced with two options, pick the better one.. For you

In a discussion with my own life coach, we came to a talk about two opposing choices, and he said something that’s clear as day in retrospect..

When faced with two options, pick the better one.. For you

We all have choices to make in life, why not pick better one? Or there’s the route to take from the Stephen Covey series, The Third Alternative.. Maybe a blend of both ideas, or something completely different and even better fitting for you, right now at this time in your life’s path.

It gets worse before it gets better

Can be true for a lot of things, yet more so with learning, or any kind of personal development, such as health (e.g. dietary changes or fasting), and fitness changes. 

We gotta keep up hope and push through a bit (within current limits), while remaining injury free. And it’s ok to take a break if the body or mind is asking for it. 

Myself these days, I am needing ample downtime, alone time, and bed rest for the healing of my chronic fatigue syndrome.

I have limitations more than normal for social interactions and activity. So I apologize in advance if we cross paths and I happen to appear distant or short with anyone. It’s in the interest of my own health and well-being.