Potential future Android feature – “Predictive copy paste”

This was mentioned on xda-dev. If it rolls out to all Android users, that will be an even nicer experience for the future.


For now, I’m definitely enjoying Nougat’s new features on an HTC10, my current smartphone.

Some of my favs from 7.0 Nougat:

  • Even better battery life
  • Collapsed notifications
  • Dual window display at times for any Nougat supported phone model out there.



Slow charging phone or battery problems?

Reminder that QuickCharge 2.0 and 3.0 is out there for most phones, and definitely something you want to seek when remedying slower charging concerns. Or another option is to buy an external battery bank of at least 10,000mAh capacity, and keep in mind how it best fits in your pocket/purse/backpack. Note that the link for power banks is units that wouldn’t be for QC3 though! You’ll have to find your own QC3 banks.  Ok fine.. here’s one with 4.5 Amazon stars that I pulled up quick 😉

Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 and even the “outdated” 2.0 type can really help alleviate your tech device’s charging woes.  Beyond that, it may also be a failing battery, and for phones without a removal battery, that does mean getting a new device 😦 But bite the bullet, right?

You can simply google to see if your phone has this feature, but how do you tell if your charge does? Well, to make it simple for folks, look at the text imprinted on the charger itself and try to use one of the ones you own that has the highest amp rating in it.  Try to shoot for something with a 2Amp or higher value imprinted on the charger’s body.  A 3-5Amp charger+ is ideal. That way you’re either getting QC2 or 3 (IF you device supports it).

Update: QuickCharge 4 coming in first half of 2017 🙂

Have a great holiday season and New Year’s, everyone.

Multitasking involving fitness

Something from which we can all benefit!

Some examples of what I’ve implemented that others may like as a template:

When sitting, Lifting legs straight out and holding for 1-5 mins at work meetings

Stretching during longer conversions

Holding weights or doing a muscular fitting set when waiting a minute or 2 for some computer task to finish

Mind churn of “I gotta eat something”

Sometimes our heads can run away in us like this. A good way to do a reality check is:

Track your calories against your expenditure.

Lots of online resources can help with this. Yesterday I had 3500, which is a lil too much for me, so I’m having a very light breakfast. Not that it works for everyone, just Ann idea to correct the imbalance of intake.

Also, a good stretch, yoga, chores, mixture of physical fun n games may help distract your mind