Listen to your body

Friendly reminder for all. Not eating out of boredom either.. Tough at times, right? But worth it 🙂


When ‘all things in moderation’ get away on you.. let it create motivation

The world is filled with advocates of “all things in moderation”, and at times, rightly so – given the fact we all have different desires in life and don’t want to always go on a rigid direct path to success.  Being stern like that can actually strip out a lot of fun out of life too – yet at the same time, if you find yourself enjoying being rigid and 100% on course, continue to do that too.  It’s all about what fits best for you at this time in your life.  And that can change over time as well.  It’s ok 🙂

Enjoy your life and the people in it.

Mad Pass meet up on SQL server temporal tables

Went to this topic this evening and it was great info and good demos to see the features in action too. Depending on the syntax you use, you can hit the normal table only, the history:  dbo_history.tableName, or with by using tableName as system_time.  Check out mean for more in depth info. They explain it way better than I can:

 It’s a newer feature.. And needs sql2016, yet another reason to upgrade 🙂

 Great to have adventures in life! 

​Sometimes we need to change it up a bit. My own experience follows. Feel free to comment about yours too 🙂

This year for fitness events I signed up to an out of town trail run. I also went The week before to familiarize myself with the course too.

The 10k Trail run with Rocky ground, lil mud, and roots was an awesome experience. Heard water nearby at times too.  Excellent stuff with cheers from staff and back and forth with other runners. It was at High Cliff state park in eastern WI 

Beating cravings

One strategy I’ve been using lately is remembering what fun events are in the future, maybe the same day, or a week out.. This is in order to not have as much sweet or junk foods and delaying my giving in to cravings.  It’s helped me out and I hope It helps you too.

Testing and Craftsmanship with Scott Nimrod

Listened on commute.  Resonate with a lot!

( for tech folks)
Web player: :

Can you be a software craftsman and not test? Scott Nimrod says no! Carl and Richard chat with Scott about his experiences using TDD practices to build software and how that affected his approach to craftsmanship. Scott talks about h.ow writing testing code to quickly test your app code is a far more efficient use of time compared to repeatedly compiling and running an application, then manually navigating to the feature in question and playing with it. Proper tests are faster, more accurate and repeatable, resulting in better code. And they’re even more important when the app gets bigger, the number of developers increase and time passes – build your software right!