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Working at night without shocking your system

By “system”, I mean your own body and mind! Best to play it safe and not be up all night from a bright screen and be burnt out the next day.

Items I personally use are a screen dimming application, as I’ve described in a prior blog post (see here: Flux ), coupled with some Windows OS tweaks below.

On top of Flux, I’m currently using “High Contrast” in Windows 10, and the corresponding theme in Chrome too. Very nice to not burden the body as you get ready for resting and wind down, but still able to learn new things in life.

This eve my learning is on the tech side and consists of reading up on advanced features in Entity Framework 6  for compatibility with an older .net 4.0 framework/Visual Studio 2010. 🙂


Chrome browser zoom level per page

Found a neat feature today that you all might like.

It’s found under Advanced Settings and then Content settings button and it’s currently at the end of that modal window.

Here’s a helper link:

I find it fascinating that you can set it per site. Very useful for people 🙂