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Instructions for Setting up Entity Framework 6 and Data Test Project‏

I had gone through a lot of days of futzing to make this work and thought others may benefit from this as well. Instructions are included for both VS2010 (at the very end) and VS2015.


VS2015 is much easier than VS2010, as both the Entity Model and the DBContext generator (pick either version 5 or 6, depending on your needs), as they are right in Add New Item’s dialog box under “Data” subsection.

Project settings modifications

Your DAL project will need to have the app.config set to Your unit test project then needs 2 things:

Adding a Reference to EntityFramework.dll in the Data Test project, to match the same EF reference item from your Data project.

And a post build step to bring in the config, otherwise your EF Integration tests will fail saying it can’t find the connection. Exact command that I’d used is not a perfect outcome compared to a file move, as this does a copy:

copy App.Config $(TargetName).config.



If in VS2010, first add a ADO.NET Entity Data Model.
Then search for “Entity” and add the Nuget Package for EntityFramework 6.x.  Note, you won’t be able to use the designer though, so I’d highly recommend getting VS2012 or higher.

 Enjoy, and happy DAL coding!