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SqlSaturday Madison, WI 2016 reflection

If you’re in the database sector from time to time, check out in person events (and virtual events) atĀ http://www.sqlpass.org/. It’s a great learning day and networking opportunity as well šŸ™‚ These types of events seem to, without fail, help increase passion for working with IT tools and realize again why we’re in the field – to help end users and customers have a more feature-rich experience and be more quickly able to make business decisions.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity and great pleasure of attending this event. Was my first conference on the database side. I was very pleased by the variety and quality of sessions on topics of database, BI analytic, and reporting tools.

I had pickedĀ a mixture of Tuning, Reporting, and Azure sessions, which was great to learn more in depth about cloud based databases through Microsoft.Ā I was surprised of the settings and tooling power shown inside of the Azure portal. Great stuff to be able to set alerts under certain performance conditions.

Have you gone to techĀ conferencesĀ as well, and how did it compareĀ to your expectations? If you haven’t gone to a conference or meetup yet, I’d highly recommend it.


MSSQL – Selecting from objects listed from sp_help and getting “invalid object name”

Earlier this week I was looking up some tables in SSMS via alt+f1 (the sp_help command) and got invalid object. It was baffling me for several minutes until I looked in object explorer and had a different scheme name.

Goes to show you that the Owner value isn’t always the same as scheme, of course that makes sense as they are 2 different things: owner is more so for security and scheme is a separate location or container for db objectsĀ  šŸ™‚